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Safety and security investigation services throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City, Albany Capital District, and New York State

Negligent Security Assessments and Evaluations
Inadequate security or negligent security occurs when a business fails to implement reasonable and ordinary security measures to protect customers and employees. This has become a growing concern as crime rates rise in some areas and litigation against business owners grows at an alarming rate. TAI Corporation will visit your site and perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation to determine how prepared or lacking you are. We will provide you with a detailed report including recommendations to reduce your risk.

Negligent Security Investigations
If a business fails to perform due dilligence to protect their customers and employees and it results in personal injury, you have a right to be compensated. TAI Corporation works with the most successful personal injury lawyers in the Hudson Valley and New York State. Our methodical and tireless investigations ucover details and turn over stones that others might miss. We know the letter of the law and how it relates to responsibilities and requirements intended to keep people safe. TAI provides concise, complete, and easily understood documentation and offers expert witness testimony to support our findings. View a redacted copy of an actual Negligent Security Investigation prepared by TAI Corporation.

Emergency Procedures
Will your family, employees, or organization know what to do if and when an emergency arises? Will they understand how to recognize an emergency as early as possible? Will they react quickly and appropriately? It's impossible to conceive of every situation, but the experience and expertise of TAI Corporation provides a much higher degree of confidence and competence.
With assessments, procedures, and training, TAI can prepare you for life's emergencies.
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Negligent Security Personal Protection
School Safety Corporate Security
Emergency Plans Asset Protection

Emergency Response Plans
The actions taken in the first moments following an emergency are often the most critical. How quickly and appropriately your business, school, ororganization responds to an emergency can truly affect its verysurvival. Understand your risksand what it will take to keep people andproperty safe by letting TAI Corporation prepare your emergency response plan.

Business Recovery Plans
After an emergency there may be much more to maintaining or restoring operations at your business, school, or organization than simply getting people back into buildings. A comprehensive business continuity plan that is both easy to understand and implement may be vital to the very survival of your business. It requires a professional team that will get to know your business intimately and be able to address items such as key personnel, supply chains, vital records, communications, chain of command, type of disaster, alternate locations, and many other factors that may be unique to your business. It may need to define plans for disasters that are local, regional, or national. TAI Corporation will consider all of this and more, providing you the plan and peace of mind to keep your business viable even in the worst of times.

Negligent Hiring or Retention
Laws and numerous court cases make it both an obligation and smart business decision for you to know precisely who it is you are hiring or already have employed. TAI corporation can perform the investigation and background checks required to help ensure that current and potential employees are not a threat to your business, staff, or customers.

Asset Protection
Sometimes what needs protecting isn't a person, but a thing. These things may be very important, expensive, priceless or irreplaceable. On premises or in transport, TAI Corporation will do a complete review of your facilities and environment to identify and eliminate security exposures. We have the staffing and technology to protect the things that are most important and valuable to you or your business.

School Safety
Nothing is more precious to us as individuals or a society than our children. William Carlos and the TAI Corporation team have spent decades ensuring that our schools are safe and secure. We provide a complete and comprehensive assessment of facilities, procedures, personnel, emergency plans and more. We follow up with a detailed report with clearly stated recommendations, and can even provide presentations to staff and parents. We can address a single building or an entire district.

Security and Personal Protection
Our security and protection details are served by our trusted associate, William J. Sleight, III of TST Enterprises, Inc. They offer discrete and personal family protection, highly professional executive protection, travel security and escorts, and much more. They offer armed or unarmed security, all highly trained and well seasoned professionals who emphasize prevention and personal safety.