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Private investigation services throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City, Albany Capital District, and New York State

Private Investigation
TAI Corporation are seasoned professionals, each with years of law enforcement and investigation experience. This, coupled with our ongoing training and certifications, provides the expertise our clients deserve and demand. We are also professional business people and understand the importance of discretion in virtually all investigative matters; personal, matrimonial or corporate. This makes TAI Corporation uniquely qualified to handle the most sensitive Confidential Investigations and Proprietary Investigations.

Personal Injury Investigation
TAI Corporation has earned the respect of many of the top personal injury attorneys in the Hudson Valley and New York State. We have decades of experience evaluating and interviewing witnesses. We are experts in analyzing and preserving physical evidence. We understand how medical records, warranties, and other documentation support your case.

Workers Compensation Investigation
Workers Compensation helps ensure a safe and healthy workplace, but it only works when everyone plays by the rules. We work hard for both employers and claimants to help ensure integrity and a level playing field. Everyone is adversely affected by frivolous or fraudulent claims . TAI can evaluate the merits of a claim and even provide surveillance of subjects to ensure they are compliant with the workers' compensation doctor's orders. We also assist employees in determining liability and ensuring they receive any benefits to which they may be entitled.

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Confidential Proprietary Employee
Worker's Comp Damage & Loss
Forensic Accounting
Negligent Security Investigations
If a business fails to perform the due dilligence necessary to protect their customers and employees and it results in personal injury to you or a loved one, you have a right to be compensated. TAI Corporation works with the most successful personal injury lawyers in the Hudson Valley and New York State. Our methodical and tireless investigations ucover details and turn over stones that others might miss. We know the letter of the law and how it relates to responsibilities and requirements intended to keep people safe. TAI provides concise, complete, and easily understood documentation and offers expert witness testimony to support our findings.
View a redacted copy of an actual Negligent Security Investigation prepared by TAI Corporation.

Damage and Loss Investigation
Damages aren't always limited to bodily injury. Loss of equipment, intellectual property, real property, and other assets can be devastating to individuals and businesses. TAI Corporation will help define your loss and conduct an investigation to determine cause and responsibility.

Pre-employment Screening and Employee Background Checks
Properly screen current and potential employees not only demonstrates due diligence on an employer's part, but can save time, money, property loss, and aggravation. With the proper releases TAI Corporation can provide a complete and comprehensive background check:

Personal Information Aliases Court Records
Criminal History Civil Litigation Credit History
Active Warrants Financial Records Workers Comp Claims
DMV Reports Employment History Other relevant information...

Employee Theft Loss
Our investigators will thoroughly examine your business and the problems that you are experiencing. We perform an on-site inspection paying particularly attention to physical security. We identify potential exposures for theft of merchandise, company property, and money. We can even insert someone into the business as a customer or employee to provide a more complete investigation. Our thorough written report will identify exposures with the facility and personnel, and provide suggested resolutions in each case.

Forensic Accounting Investigations
Are profits inexplicably down? Have costs and expenses risen beyond reason? If we have learned one sad lesson in recent years, it's that no company or organization is immune to problems such as embezzlement or "cooking the books". We have an accountant on our investigative staff with extensive experience in forensic accounting and working with government organizations. We work closely with our clients during our highly confidential investigations, sharing our observations and reports only with those who have been authorized. Large companies have their own accounting staffs intended to protect themselves from so-called "white collar crimes". Our expert is an accountant, investigator, and auditor who provides you with an impartial and independent review of your financial records.