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Technical accident investigation and accident reconstruction in the Hudson Valley, New York City, Albany Capital District, and New York State

Basic Accident Investigation
Our firm was launched on our accident investigation skills, and this remains a hallmark of our business and a valuable asset for attorneys, insurance companies, and individuals. Founder William Carlos developed a sterling reputation as an accident investigator while working as a police officer, and since 1996 many local attorneys have requested Bill's expertise.

Forensic Crash Investigation
We investigate all manner of physical injury accidents; automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, industrial, farm, public transportation, and more. We analyze more than just the people involved at the scene of an accident; location, weather, time of day, road conditions, equipment, and much more. We provide an in-depth and accurate accounting of the accident, but also have the ability to put it all together in a clear, concise, and comprehensive report.

Accident Reconstruction
Sometimes the most effective or only way to fully understand the circumstances surrounding an accident is to make it happen again. We have extensive experience in this phase of accident investigation, but also have access to top accident reconstruction experts. Using laboratory settings and cutting edge technology, together we can provide a replay of an accident scene vital to reaching the truth.

Expert Witness Testimony
Since many personal injury cases end up in front of a jury, simply having the big picture may not be enough. That information needs to be confidently conveyed in clear and convincing terms. Owing to years of experience in law enforcement, ongoing training, and our extensive work with personal injury lawyers, we are unsurpassed with expert witness testimony in personal injury cases. That's why prestigious personal injury law firms throughout the Hudson Valley and across New York State rely on TAI Corporation for their day in court.

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